Meet, Casey.
Casey Languillon is a registered Shopify partner,
offering bespoke creative services to small businesses across Australia.

I am a small business owner myself, which I have found to be my strongest asset when working with clients,
being that I already understand the fundamental mechanics of their business.

Having worked in film & television production for over a decade and then home and fashion for
another decade, design has driven my career.

In 2011 I launched my own label, so it was a natural progression that design turned into development.
In the beginning I wanted to work across every part of my business, not only through necessity I genuinely enjoyed learning and implementing new digital skills.

Ten years on I am a registered Shopify Partner and now work with others designing and developing their own Shopify stores.

I work with a team of other successful business owners who 
specialise in
digital branding, digital marketing, brand strategy, ecommerce, 
graphic design and social media.

Meet, Colby.
Colby Milano is a photographer and brand consultant providing custom marketing and creative services
for business owners and brands alike.

Her hands-on approach allows her to develop a strong understanding of your business
and build the foundations needed to execute clear, consistent and authentic strategies. 

Meet, Laura.
Laura Baxter is an artist and graphic designer. Her
 natural hand to art and graphics and very personal approach to design translates creative thoughts into a true brand identity. 

Together we work across all mediums, design, development, photography, artwork, graphics, drawing, painting and text. Offering a diverse range of skills and creative services which will help you build your
e-commerce brand and digital presence.

~ Web store design and development 
~ Web store management 
~ Brand photography 
~ Branding campaigns 
~ Brand identity 
~ Logo design 
~ Copywriting 
~ Email marketing 
~ Social media strategy & engagement
~ Social media management 
~ Influencer introductions